How To Make Hand-Pulled Noodles

The recipe for hand pulled noodles dough is pretty simple. Should you need more information about the ingredients, check out the ingredients page.


Note that this recipe is by weight. You'll need a kitchen scale to make this (or you could try converting it to volume measurements). I recommend a digital scale since it's more precise. I've created this recipe by weight because it's the only way to get a perfect mix every time. If you follow this recipe, you shouldn't need much (if any) flour during the kneading process.


The recipe is 300g total. Flour for dough. Salt for flavor. Baking soda for texture. Oil for workability.


-156g cake flour

-25g regular flour

-110g warm water (the warmer the better)

-2g salt

-1g baking soda

-6g vegetable oil



Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Take a heavy spoon and stir it a bit. When you're ready, pour the mix onto a kneading surface and begin working it with your hands. Once it feels relatively smooth, you need to start the real kneading process. You have to knead and stretch the dough until the gluten structue starts to break down. If you've ever made bread, you know you have to work the gluten by kneading the bread ball. With noodle dough, you have to take it PAST that bread stage. It will end up feeling a lot like clay, and when you stretch it you'll notice it doesn't tear.I've got some notes about kneading on the instructions page.