How To Make Hand-Pulled Noodles

How To Make Hand Pulled Noodles


I posted these videos on YouTube a while back


Part 1 - Kneading




You really have to work the dough to get it pullable within 20 minutes. Don't be discouraged if it takes you 30 or 40 minutes to get the dough there.


And Part 2 - Pulling




The pulling technique I show here works really well for small balls of dough. I have yet to pull noodles out of a big piece of dough, but it requires the twirling technique you see in so many of the other videos on the web.


Some Cooking notes:


1. The noodles don't need a lot of boiling time. Maybe 3 to 5 minutes max. The first time I was successful, I had them with a little sesame oil and some Magi sauce (close to soy sauce in flavor). The two recipes I've posted have good flavor, but the selling point on hand pulled noodles in the texture. YUM!

2. For summertime, serving the noodles cold is good too. Go to an asian market and get some Somen sauce ( a light soy flavored sauce). Cook your noodles like normal, and rinse them in cold water. Put them in a bowl with a few ice cubes, 70% somen sauce and 30% water. Very refreshing on a hot summer day :)